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Kirk Anderson Marketing | Interactive Business Solutions is dedicated to helping your business, by creating a creative and effective web solution at an affordable price. We partner with clients to provide solutions that are professional, appealing, informative, user-friendly, and accessible.

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About Me

Marketing and Technology Solutions Since 2002

Kirk is a 1999 graduate of University of Northwestern – St. Paul, Minnesota. He has over 19 years of experience with marketing, web design, and computer related specialties.

Including: marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, web site & graphic design, photography, video production, and audio & podcast production.

Kirk has been a volunteer firefighter since 2015 and the Mayor of St. Croix Falls, WI since 2020. He has been happily married to his wife Shara since 1998 and they have 5 children.

Our Services


A website is business’s online real estate. While you can put information on social media platforms that get attention, that information isn’t controlled by you and with the flip of a switch, it could disappear. Your website, however, is owned by you. You can leverage the popularity of social media to send traffic to your site – which should include an online store, email opt in, and information that people want, need, and would like to share.  

Website Design

Taking an interesting idea from a napkin and turning it into a schematic design, then developing the idea into a functional website is something we are very good at.

With our experience, tools and creativity, your site will…

  • Look professional
  • Look Great in multiple browsers
  • Download Fast
  • Be accessible to everyone

Our sites are not only consistent with our clients’ web strategies, but are also visually appealing, simple to navigate, quick to download, and easy to maintain.

We work with our clients to complete our projects on time or ahead of schedule through our project management process.

Throughout the development process, we encourage input, ideas and feedback from you.

Content Strategy

Information is the #1 thing people are searching for online. When developing content for your website, it is important to provide value to your target market.

Your content may include text, video, audio, or photos, but it needs to be content that people are looking for and it should solve their problems.

We work with our clients to discover and develop a content strategy tailored specifically for their business.


The real estate mantra, “Location. Location. Location,” also holds true for businesses on the Web.

We know that 87% of people still utilize sites like Google to find information on the internet, but we also know that a social media presence is important too.

Social Media Marketing

Being on the internet isn’t just about having a website anymore. Yes, a website is important. It is where you can control your content, sell your products and services, and collect information from your customers.

However, a social media presence is essential for your business’ success. Your customers and clients are spending their time on their favorite social media platforms, and if you want to capture their attention, you should be there too.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat and dozens of other social media platforms open the door to recapture the attention of your target market. Many of them have advertising options that are extremely affordable too.

Search Engine Optimazation (SEO)

We will research the best keyword terms based upon your industry and services you provide. Using a variety of techniques, we will optimize each of your website pages for your keywords, page titles, meta data, and page content.

We will also suggest ongoing SEO strategies and explain best practices for future content creation.

Local Business | Google Maps

Are you on Google Maps? If your business listed, isn’t showing up, or is having technical issues, we can help you. We’ll create, edit, and optimize your Google My Business listing for you.


Developing a brand for your business is important. It sets you apart from your competitors and hopefully makes your products and services appealing and  memorable. Branding is more than just a beautiful logo and attractive colors, it encompasses your purpose, motivation, energy, and spirit of your organization. We want to help you find your brand!

Branding & Logo

Creating a unique brand is the creative key to standing out from your competition, telling your story, and making sure you look professional. Using Adobe’s suite of tools, we can create something beautiful for you.

• Photoshop
• InDesign
• Illustrator
• Lightroom

Photo, Video, & Audio

We have a production studio for photography, video, and audio recording. You can take advantage of the convenience of a large space, backdrops, equipment, and staff to make you look and sound great.

Studio Photography

We created a large photo studio for in house photography, including head-shots, group photos, and product photography. We also do landscape, real estate, and drone photography on site as well.

Video Production

If you’re looking to shoot a talking head video for your website, an interview for a documentary, something fun with chroma-key (green screen), or a full production commercial or educational video series, we are ready to help you.

We have the audio, video, and lighting equipment in house, and we specialize in writing and editing scripts, talent coaching, story telling, and more!

Audio Recording

We produce and edit voice over audio for our videos, produce audio and video podcasts, record music tracks, and host audio media for clients.

You’ll feel right at home in our photo, video, and audio studio space.

My Process


We will spend time getting to know you and your project, to define your specifications, budget, and timeline.


We will use state of the art design tools and techniques to make your design as beautiful as it is functional.


We are always available to make updates or addtions to your site. We measure results and make adjustments as necessary.


We spend time optimizing your site for speed and search engine friendliness.

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